Developed by the Lord Chancellor's Office and the Office of Art, the Elysian Award System was designed with the intention of displaying the highest qualities an Elysian citizen has.

The awards aren't given out lightly and the requirements can only be met by the bravest, most valient and most selfless of citizens. Each award is granted by King Arklari in a public ceremony with the individual marked down in history as a recipient.

Only treason can strip an individual of an award and can only occur at the command of King Arklari.


The Lord Chancellor's Office announced the release of a new Holosite for citizens. Speaking to the Press, Lord Chancellor Virai promised greater accessability of information. It is reported the Holosite will be released on Y16D260.

Planetary shields were activated on Bhuna Sound VI today, sparking celebrations for the continued work done by the Department of Defense towards ensure citizen protection. Reports from the capital suggest shields will shortly be activated on Gendius II.

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