Construction Corps


The Construction Corps consists of all the builders, engineers, labourers and other personnel required to design and construct the necessary buildings for the Kingdom and the Department of Infrastructure's projects. The personnel of the Construction Corps are the ones on the ground and in the skies ensuring Elysian citizens have a roof over their heads.

Personnel of the Construction Corps are expected to be good managers, to ensure project success, and able to work long hours. The personnel of the Construction Corps pride themselves on their ability to rapidly construct buildings whilst remaining safe and their buildings sturdy.


The Lord Chancellor's Office announced the release of a new Holosite for citizens. Speaking to the Press, Lord Chancellor Virai promised greater accessability of information. It is reported the Holosite will be released on Y16D260.

Planetary shields were activated on Bhuna Sound VI today, sparking celebrations for the continued work done by the Department of Defense towards ensure citizen protection. Reports from the capital suggest shields will shortly be activated on Gendius II.

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