Bhuna Sound VI Development Plan

Under the instruction of the King and Lord Chancellor, the Kingdom of Elysia underwent a vast development project on Bhuna Sound VI. Aiming to provide refuge for the millions of Avance citizens who wanted to avoid the Trade Federation as well as the growing influx of refugees from the Galactic Civil War, the Kingdom sought to develop the gas giant on a grand scale. The Department of Infrastructure oversees all operations involved in the Bhuna Sound VI Development Plan and spearheads all construction acts.

Czerka Corporation Mine Expansion Project

Under the leadership of Lady Calindra Hejaran, then CEO of Czerka Corporation, the Department of Infrastructure assisted in the construction of several new mines to help fulfill the growning material needs of the Kingdom. Several new mines were opened in the Bhuna Sound and Gendius systems, allowing an uninterrupted flow of materials to be available to the growning Department of Infrastructure.

Golan Technologies Production Hub Construction

Overseen by Lord Chancellor Revan Jones, Lady TRAITOR and Lady Calindra Hejaran, the Department of Infrastructure assisted Golan Technologies in the creation of several production hubs to allow Golan Technologies to produce supplies and weaponary for their growning clientile across the galaxy.


The Lord Chancellor's Office announced the release of a new Holosite for citizens. Speaking to the Press, Lord Chancellor Virai promised greater accessability of information. It is reported the Holosite will be released on Y16D260.

Planetary shields were activated on Bhuna Sound VI today, sparking celebrations for the continued work done by the Department of Defense towards ensure citizen protection. Reports from the capital suggest shields will shortly be activated on Gendius II.

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