The Kingdom of Elysia is divided into three branches - the Department of Defense, the Department of Infrastructure and the Crown Corporations. Each branch works in unison to achieve the goals set out by the King and the Council of Lords with inter-branch co-operation vital to the Kingdom's success.

The Department of Defense is tasked with the defense of the Kingdom, ranging from defensive actions within Elysian territory to offensive actions outside of Elysian territory in support of allies. With two Battlegroups available in the Kingdom, the Department of Defense is available for any mission that the King requires.

The Department of Infrastructure is tasked with the construction and development of the Kingdom. Ranging from mega-projects to small facility repairs, the Department of Infrastructure oversees these operations and works alongside the Crown Corporations to ensure continued development of the Kingdom.

The Crown Corporations are unique within the Galaxy. Whilst formally owned by the Kingdom, the Crown Corporations work in a semi-autonomous method to provide for the Kingdom whilst also supplying the Galaxy at large. With the historical Czerka Corporation and the famed weapon producers Golan Technologies, the Kingdom is assured for economical success.

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