Cities of our Fathers; Cities of the Sons

Department of Infrastructure Builds New Metropolis

Plans for the new metropolis merge nature with technology, following Wookiee tradition to coincide with new Elysian Culture.

Working alongside the Crown Company of Czerka Corporation, the Elysian Department of Infrastructure has been given the thumbs up to begin the final phases of building an advanced and futuristic metropolis in the Gendius System. Dated reports indicate that the planning process for this endeavour was drafted over a full year ago by the Council of Lords, who earmarked credits do Czerka Corporation with the orders to begin prospecting for new deposits of raw materials which would be transported to various depots in the Gendius Sector to be processed and then moved to the location of the new city-network.

Signatures on the documents imply that King Arklari von Vigihan himself was personally interested in seeing the location built up alongside the Czerka CEO and the Lord of Infrastructure, all of whom pledged to see the project through to its end as a basis for future endeavours of a similar like.

One of a dozen new raw material depots built as part of the logistics network for supply

The sudden influx of resources in preparation for the build was followed by the swift raising of a Logistics Corp within the Department of Infrastructure which was challenged by the Council of Lords to build a full network of resupply depots and navigating new micro-jump locations for quick access to the system from all angles that the resources and builders may be transported from. We have confirmed this afternoon that members of the Department of Infrastructure, in conjunction with a handful of construction specialists in Czerka Corporation and the Department of Defence, have already put boots planet side to break the first ground for the initial construction efforts which include the building of statues dedicated to various members of the Kingdom of Elysia with the first being a statue of the Wookiee leader, King Arklari von Vigihan.

The Office of the Chancellor was closed to comment, though an internal source could be quoted as saying that, "the plans are still in the early phases for construction and once a few major breakthroughs have been made, an official statement would be released."

This may mark a new recruitment drive by the Kingdom as more land and larger facilities become available to new immigrants and entrepreneurs alike. Opportunities for current serving members of Elysia include their ground breaking bonus system which will see those involved gaining larger pay for this month as well as an influx of merit points to be spent.

This is proof that through great adversity with the attacks from last month by Ciara De'Savona and a difficult month following, the Kingdom is ever tenacious in their persistence to see progress come from even its darkest times.