Y16D233 Bhuna Sound - The [KOE] Valean Valkyrie in orbit of the Gendius sun before The Chancellor's personal transport approached early this morning"

It was reported early this morning that the King's flagship, the Lucrehulk-Class "Valean Valkyrie", was placed under high security as a private vessel bearing marks of the newly christened Chancellor attempted a hasty docking. Security footage obtained by an anonymous source within the Department of Defence clearly shows shots being exchanged between members of the Royal Guardsmen and what is believed to be Ciara De' Savona's mercenary security force at one of the King's ship's compromised cargo airlocks.

The shooting soon subsided as the much more experienced Royal Guardsmen overcame the hostile force and began repelling survivors back into the private vessel, though before the retreat was complete, the seals were broken and the attacking ship escaped into hyperspace, ejecting the remaining survivors and at least three guardsmen into the vacuum.

A public announcement was released by the King of Elysia shortly after these events stating that Chancellor De' Savona was to be stripped of all ranks, titles, and marked as an Enemy of the State for Acts of high Treason in the attempted assassination of the King. This announcement comes as a profound surprise to many public citizens who believed that the Chancellor was amongst the most loyal and friendly members of the entire Kingdom; often assisting those in need, she was once named "The Angel of Elysia" by the Elysian Citizen News.

Recent financial reports and formerly closed documents have come to light, showing credits transfers from the Elysian Royal Treasury to various parties outside the Kingdom, authorized by the former-chancellor; one such group was the well-known terrorist organization known as the Bhuna Freedom Front on Bhuna V responsible for threats against Government Workers on the world.

While no official statement was released by De' Savona before or after her act of treason against the people of Elysia, an anonymous source from the Department of Infrastructure stated that she had been the target of a large scale investigation into misappropriation of Department funds, assets, and personnel towards gaining personal wealth and power over the needs of the Kingdom of Elysia.

Public outcry condemning the actions of De' Savona have flooded the holonet and applauding the quick actions of the Department of Defence who immediately mobilized security forces throughout the Sectors under the Kingdom's Domain in what is called, "One of the largest manhunts in recent history." Additionally, work has continued feverishly to expand the Government's logistics networks by the Department of Infrastructure and patrols have been doubled as a public display to deter actions of other potential threats that may choose now to show themselves.

In one such patrol in the Gendius System, a spy was captured while trying to access Top Level Security documents from the Crown Academy of Elysia, attempting to use the current chaos after the attack as cover.

The spy is being held by Elysian Defence Officers until a full investigation can be conducted.