King Ling Reen

Third King of Elysia

The Kingdom of Elysia is ruled as an Absolute Monarchy through King Ling Reen who was chosen by his citizens to lead the Kingdom and is trusted to make the best decisions for those who swear fealty to him. As a Galactic Government, there are many responsibilities and duties that are required to ensure the Kingdom functions as King Reen deems necessary.

It is the responsibility of the Council of Lords, formed from the Lords and Ladys of the Kingdom, to act out King Reen's plans. Led by the Lord Chancellor, the Council of Lords manage the daily activities and are often the head of Departments or Crown Corporations.

There are two Departments in the Kingdom of Elysia: the Department of Defense, tasked with the security and protection of Elysian territory, and the Department of Infrastructure, tasked with the development of Elysian territory. For duties not covered by the two Departments, there are numerous Offices including the Office of Recruitment, the Office of Morale and the Office of the Academy.

At this time, there are two Crown Corporations: Czerka Corporation and Golan Technologies. Both are leading corporations in their field and they serve to provide their services to Elysian citizens.

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