The Kingdom of Elysia is supported by the nobility that followed House Vigihan from the Avance Coalition. There are two ways for Elysian citizens to enter the noble ranks: through career advancement or through dedicated and continued service to the Kingdom.

Elysian citizens who are appointed to become a head of Department or Crown Corporation are added to the Elysian Nobility as a Lord or Lady to reflect their added responsibility. In addition, they are granted a seat on the Council of Lords. Should they resign from their position, it is up to the discretion of KingĀ ReenĀ if they maintain their status in the Nobility as a Lord or Lady or if they lose their title.

Through dedicated service, Elysian citizens can be rewarded with a title that remains permanent unless revoked by King Reen. There are several steps of in the Elysian nobility system that citizens can climb that ends with the title of Lord or Lady. These individuals may be invited to sit on the Council of Lords as an adviser.

The nobility of the Kingdom, in addition to their regular duties, are expected to rule over their lands and have a duty to their citizens to protect them and work in their best interests. In return, the noble receives a percentage of their income. As citizens climb the nobility ladder, greater areas of land are granted by the King.

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