Culture Director

When the Kingdom of Elysia was first founded, what is now known as 'Offices' were formed divisions of the Department of Culture. Under King Arklari and Lord Chancellor Revan Jones' decision, the Department of Culture was disbanded indefinately and reformed as an 'Office'.

The direction of the Office of Culture was adjusted to reflect a new role. It is the role of the Office of Culture to maintain the history of the Kingdom as well as assist in the numerous customs and traditions that have found themselves in the Kingdom.

Through the Office of Culture, numerous dates are remembered and it is the Office's job to organise the events that occur on these dates. The following dates are remembered:

Foundation Day - Day 13

Government Day - Day 144

Black Forest Day - Day 356-357

Any Elysian citizen can join the Office of Culture and only forum activity is required, IRC activity is preferred.

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