The Kingdom of Elysia is accepting applications for citizenship

Why should I join the Kingdom of Elysia?

  • One of the highest starting wages in the Galaxy - 4,000,000cr/month
  • Performance-based bonuses - earn up to 5,000,000cr/month extra for completing assignments, missions and working in one of the Offices
  • Fully operational Nobility system - become a Knight, Baron, Count or Lord
  • Fully operational Award system - earn Awards for exceptional work
  • Roleplaying opportunities - regular roleplaying scenarios played in-house
  • Vibrant and active community - regular IRC usage, active forums and plenty of Darkness work to keep you busy
  • Regular games and events - Scavenger hunts, trivia games, forum games, IRC games and more

What branch can I join?

You can join whichever Department or Crown Corporation that you want to. When you join the Kingdom of Elysia, you will undergo Academy training to help you understand the game mechanics. Once basic training is completed, you can specify where you would like to work.

For generalised reference, these are what the various branches do:

  • Department of Defense - Patrolling, Hunting, Combat, defensive facility construction
  • Department of Infrastructure - Facility construction, material hauling
  • Czerka Corporation - Mining, prospecting, material hauling, mining facility construction
  • Golan Technologies - Item production, material hauling, production facility construction


How do I join?

You can following these steps or you can click here to go direct to the join page on SWCombine.

  •  Look for the 'faction' menu in the right side menu.
  • Click 'Join Faction' to bring up the faction selection form. (or simply click here to open it directly in a new tab.)
  • Select The Kingdom of Elysia, Golan Technologies, or Czerka Corporation from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the 'Send Join Request' button.


For more information about who we are and what we offer, please feel free to: 

  • visit us on our forum
  • join us on the Discord and talk to one of our liaison officers
  • contact Ling Reen directly by DM.
  • for more information on Czerka Corporation (Mining), please contact Ling Reen.
  • for more information on Golan Technologies (Production), please contact Bannor Skyglow
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