Department Head, Department of Infrastructure



Deputy Head, Department of Infrastructure

Before the Kingdom, there was House Vigihan, an amalgamation of like minded sentients who sought to blaze a trail in an unknown region of space by forging hyperspace routes, breaking ground on new settlements, and having the foresight to construct depots to bring everything together in a united effort for progress. When the Avance Coalition effectively crumbled, the explorers and settlers of House Vigihan did the unthinkable and banded together to create something from nothing and call it their own under the leadership of a young wookiee who would one day be the King of what would eventually be called Elysia. Building agreements between independent contractors, King Clise and his inner council built vast cities to fund endeavours that would see the dream that was Elysia become a the Kingdom it is today.

So born was the Department of Infrastructure, tasked with the seemingly impossible mission of expanding settlements into sprawling metropolises that would serve as home for many billions of citizens across the four original sectors of Elysia. Forming the backbone of development within the Kingdom of Elysia, the Department of Infrastructure was created from the first Vigihan pilots and builders into what it is presently, a team of professionals bent on furthering the quality of life for everyone who calls Elysia home. With the consistent discovery of new spacelanes that support such expansion and the rapid growth of cities fed from a greater supply of raw and processed materials, the Department of Infrastructure has taken the Galactic South West from a collection of small outposts and transformed them into a full and respected Government.


The Lord Chancellor's Office announced the release of a new Holosite for citizens. Speaking to the Press, Lord Chancellor Virai promised greater accessability of information. It is reported the Holosite will be released on Y16D260.

Planetary shields were activated on Bhuna Sound VI today, sparking celebrations for the continued work done by the Department of Defense towards ensure citizen protection. Reports from the capital suggest shields will shortly be activated on Gendius II.

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