Chief Joker


Morale Director

As with any government, a positive morale is vital for the Kingdom of Elysia to function. It is the responsibility of the Office of Morale to ensure citizen's morale remain positive and upbeat.

Therefore, the Office of Morale is tasked with keeping things fun and lively throughout the Kingdom. Whether it be organising games, scavenger hunts or merely cracking jokes to produce a laugh - the Office of Morale is the one tasked with that duty.

Any Elysian citizen can join the Office of Morale. The only requirement is to be fun and have the desire to spread that throughout the Kingdom.


The Lord Chancellor's Office announced the release of a new Holosite for citizens. Speaking to the Press, Lord Chancellor Virai promised greater accessability of information. It is reported the Holosite will be released on Y16D260.

Planetary shields were activated on Bhuna Sound VI today, sparking celebrations for the continued work done by the Department of Defense towards ensure citizen protection. Reports from the capital suggest shields will shortly be activated on Gendius II.

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